Representations: Skin detail sketches

Body Map 7, Body Map 4, Body Map ? , Body Map 1, (2009). Skin detail drawings from rileypile

I'm particularly interested in representations of skin. Images or creative interpretations of a subject say far more about cultural attitudes, trends, and the artist than the depiction often does.

Featured here is the student work of rileypile which I find particularly engaging for its diversity and fresh, raw intersections of materiality, object and line. Yes. Fresh and raw, and sort of meaty...

Stitches Thumb. (2009). oil on board.

Geoff: scab day 5. (2009). Pencil and carving on wood block.

Tattoo scab. (2009). Oil and acrylic on board and foam core.

Geoff: scab day 3. (2009). Mixed Media.



  1. Hey Tarryn (if that is how you spell it?, just wanted to say thanks for the great post, you have managed to 2reinspire" me back to my college project. I am studying Textiles but doing a project that focuses on skin under the theme of "beneath the surface". Your blog is a gold mine for inspiration for my project and I just wanted to say thanks. I have started blogging too, and I'm not particularly good at it either. I am now following you, would you be able to follow me too? I would love to hear comments that you have (I already know my english is bad, but I am working on that). Thanks again. Nicole Graden @filledepennylane.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Hi Nicole, great to hear that you've enjoyed looking through the posts and it's been of use. Hope your project was a success!