hollow bodies, thin skins: representing skins

Nicole Tran Ba Vang
Photographer and artist whose most striking work features skins assimilating with surfaces, and bodies shedding and dressing in new skins.


Creative Production Studio with excellent post-production effects. These campaigns feature bodies emotively seized from within their own skins, and fashionistas escaping their former shells.

Dyax Corp ‘Kalbitor’

Westfield 'Fashion Lives'

Bert Simons
Simons creates paper sculptures as 3D portraits. He shows his method in creating these pieces and also offers up a free pattern and instructions to make his own head.

Krisar is a Swedish artist with works addressing the body. The ones I've included images of here reconstitute the body - a cast of a young boy's body is imprinted and moulded by adult hands, a cast metal face is heated to melt a cast wax face, and a torso is woven from strips of skinlike material


  1. Anonymous25.4.13

    Hi Tarryn

    I came across your blog whilst looking for images of work by ex de medici. This is a great collection of works. I am also doing a creative practice phd looking at skin. Alison

    1. Hi Alison, so nice to hear from you! Hope your PhD is going well - it looks fascinating. Best, Tarryn.